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NKC Family Foundation

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Our Mission

"The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it."
~ Psalm 24:1 ~

The Nick and Kim Calamos (NKC) Family Foundation was founded to be good stewards of the wealth God so generously blessed us with. Through a holistic approach to education, human services and welfare, military support, animal welfare, and missions support, NKC Family Foundation seeks to help those in difficult situations and empower others to grow in Christ and in relation to others.

The NKC Family Foundation seeks to objectively give to charities and non-profits based on 5 factors: Financial health, stewardship, sustainability, need, and fit. Financial health is an evaluation of a charity’s ability to responsibly handle money and resources, while maintain their devotion to their programs and people. Stewardship evaluates the accountability of a charity and their board to their work, community, and projects. This is done through feedback, return on investments, and dependency. Sustainability relies on a charity’s quality of management and infrastructure, their goals, leadership, and approach to the issue they are attempting to fix or prevent. The need is determined by the area demographics, range of projects, and alternative options within each area. Lastly, fit is how well a charity fits with our vision, focus areas, and goals. While not all charities may fit our foundation focus areas, outstanding charities within our local area will also be considered.

Our foundation seeks to help the Fox Valley Area first and foremost and holds Christianity as our guiding principle.

Who We Serve

Fox Valley

Our History

The NKC Family Foundation was founded ...

The NKC Family Foundation was founded and endowed in 2014 as a private family foundation by Nick & Kim Calamos with a primary mission of philanthropic support and the development of programs with a proven record as good stewards of capital with a focus on sustaining programs and achieving outcomes.

With their vision to serve the following:
  1. Child and Family Welfare: Nutrition, Housing, Mental and Physical Health.
  2. Programs designed to lead individuals to self-sufficiency and for the reduction of hunger and poverty.
  3. Improve opportunity to Higher Education for the needy via scholarships to University’s and K-12 Private Christian schools.
  4. Christian-based Religious and Spiritual Development.
  5. Local Animal Welfare and Care Facilities.
  6. Military family support.
EST. 2014

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